50 Years of Inspiring Canadians

Whether it’s uniting people through song or sport, fighting for the less fortunate or saving whooping cranes from extinction, close to 7 000 Canadians have worn the Order of Canada insignia with pride. The sum of their visions has helped us build a better Canada. This is a handful of their stories—inspiration for what’s still to come, because there is so much more to do.

Learn more about the book: They Desire a Better Country – The Order of Canada in 50 Stories

  • Science & Education
Officer of the Order of Canada – 2014

The numbers on Chris Hadfield are out of this world.

Days in space: 166. Times around...

  • Arts & Culture
Companion of the Order of Canada – 1969

The legendary cartoonist Al Hirschfield, who drew a memorable sketch of Christopher Plummer...

  • Social Justice, Sports & Health
Officier de l’Ordre du Canada – 2007

What sets Clara Hughes apart? The question has no easy or simple answer. The most obvious...

  • Public Service, Science & Education
Companion of the Order of Canada – 1997, Officer of the Order of Canada – 1988

When David Johnston became the twenty-eighth Governor General of Canada in 2010, he let it be...

  • Science & Education, Social Justice
Officer of the Order of Canada – 2013

Shoddy, racist, and pea-brained are not words normally used by...